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The story takes places in a
fictional city called Brockston in Wyoming, USA. With a population around half a million people. On August 24, 2012, NASA spotted an asteroid with a collision course with earth. The asteroid hits the earth near Brockston. Two days later a group of scientist spotted the impact site and start studying the comet. The next day the scientist got sick and where placed in a quarantine room for examination. The doctors find a strange virus in the blood circulation of the scientist. The doctors declare in a research report that the victims are extremely aggressive, the brain function declines and a strong urge for cannibalism occurs, also as the report stated, this virus does not occur on earth naturally, this means that the virus has come to earth by the asteroid. This also means that life is possible beyond earth. The virus spreads via blood contact with another person. For an unknown reason the infected scientist escaped out their quarantine room and break free into Brockston On September 21, 2012, the United Nations have a emergency debate and come with the conclusion that in order to save humanity Brockston will be placed under total quarantine. complete chaos and panic starts. After several days the army arrived in a helicopter to fly above and around Brockston to slaughter the infected and non-infected people. Two days later all the electric power is shut down. All around the world major strikes occurs saying they want to stop the Brockston slaughtering. Two months after the outbreak the player wakes up in a random bed and finds out he is THE only survivor left.